Friday, July 13, 2012

Catholic Girl in a Public World: Part VI

Don't forget who you are.

We can all take a little lesson from a certain young lady named Katie Holmes.  Her Catholic girl problem? Tom Cruise.

Seriously though, Katie, he's shorter than you!
Now there are things that she did right: followed her heart, married the hot actor that she always dreamed of marrying, gave things up in the name of love.

Things she did wrong: Tom Cruise. Homie is off his rocker. Scientology...I really try to be more accepting of other religions...but an alien populating the planet? And he so staunchly attacks other religions and other people's beliefs.  How is that even ok with her? Poor Katie.

I think the first breakthrough she had was wanting to send our little Suri to Catholic School.  TTL! (thank the Lord). I think a lot of us are totally looking forward to seeing Miss Suri in a little uniform.  And has anyone else read Suri's Burnbook? I died.  For hours. And her post yesterday (7/12) lauded school uniforms. Hey girl, we got your back!
Suri, Always better dressed than I am

But there are a few things we can learn from Katie Holmes: stick to your roots and follow your heart. Unless it's Tom Cruise. He's Crazy.

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