Thursday, July 12, 2012

Catholic Girl in a Public World: Part V

Dating non-Catholics seems to be a running joke in our twitterverse. However, for me it was a way for me to accept the world outside Catholicism. I will start with this- my boyfriend is Baptist.

I was very scared to date outside the faith at first, especially the kind of guys who sit there and ridicule the Church. I find those guys to be deal breakers. They don't even try to learn what goes on beyond their own understanding. I can't imagine getting married outside of the Church, and I have always wanted to raise my children Catholic.

Don't be afraid to date someone who isn't Catholic. If it is serious enough, you all will have the talk. Until then, just go with it. If thing are going down the marriage route, if he doesn't understand how much it means to you, maybe you should re assess where you two stand. I'm actually really bad at relationship advice, so please take this with a grain of salt.

Within the first few weeks of our relationship, Kev asked me if he has to convert if we got married. This is good in a few ways, 1) he already thought about getting married and 2) he was open to the thought of converting. We have gone back on forth several times, and he resolved that his being Catholic was that big of a deal to me and he just wanted to make me happy (read: I win).

As many of you may have seen earlier, I have recently stepped into hard times, and I am very thankful to have him in my life, Catholic or not.

Found a birthday card I got from him while I was moving. Never fails to make me smile:


  1. My boyfriend was a 'nothing' when we started dating (true story). I got past that and decided to take it slow and just see what happened. Guess who's starting RCIA in the fall? ;)

    I do think "missionary" dating is a bad thing. But, just dating someone who isn't Catholic isn't necessarily "missionary dating".

  2. Dating a non Catholic who is supportive has definitely re-affirmed and challenged my faith. He comes to mass weekly full of questions, and we learn more and more together over Sunday brunch. I think it's awesome to have support no matter what!