Friday, March 9, 2012

In the Monogram of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Let's just start off with that I LOVE MONOGRAMS--I monogram everything I own, even things you could NOT believe could be monogrammed!  As I get to the age that I am, I realize I have to back off on the monograms, as the initials I have now may not be my initials forever (no wedding bells yet). 

Current Catholic Girl Problem: Since we wore uniforms in school, we got SO used to having to put our names on every article of clothing that left the house.  Eventually we just got everything monogrammed or had a little generic sticker with our initials or names all over it.  In addition, you, at some time in your life, probably had the LL Bean backpack with your initials or name on it.  Don't even act like you don't know what I'm talking about.

I have searched high and low for a good monogramming site--The one I used in undergrad no longer makes monogram anything (boo!).  I recently stumbled upon this past summer, and went NUTS!

Here are things I have thus far:

1. The small round post earrings: they are small and understated and bear my perfectly symmetric initials (not pictured here, this is a stock photo).  I also want to comment on their EXCELLENT customer service, as I am a travel clutz and broke one of my earrings, Kelly at MarleyLilly was able to help me out! There are also a whole lot of different silver jewelry available on the site, which I cannot wait to dig into.

2. Monogrammed yoga mat--it was such an impulse buy, and it's really something that not many people think about getting monogrammed (MarleyLilly thinks of everything!).  I really like mine and it blows my old yoga mat out of the water! It is really thick and cushy and great for headstands for you expert yoginis.  I get compliments on my pretty little monogrammed yogamat all the time.

3. Monogrammed "athletic pullover".  I really don't know how to describe this one but that I LOVE IT! I wear it everywhere as long as it doesn't have my post-workout funk all over it.  It is warm on the inside and has the softer stretchy, lycra-ish material on the outside.  I love wearing it on my morning runs and has a kangaroo pouch on the front for your keys and iPod. 

You could literally spend hours on the MarleyLilly website.  That being said, here are things currently on my wishlist for when I meet my next academic goals (a great motivation, right?)

1. derby hat for Foxfield races--although terribly upset that Strawberry Hill races are forever done.

2. How can you not love this.  It's like a little Longchamp bag. FOR YOUR WINE.  With your initials on it.

3. Monogrammed sunglasses? these just came out and I am ALL OVER THEM. HOW cute are these?!

4. SO MANY PHONE CASES! This is just one of MANY MANY MANY designs on the website, this one just happens to be my favorite.  Seriously though, there are 5 pages of options to sift through, and by the end you don't know which one is your favorite.  Only downside: THERE IS NO PLAID! Kelly, can we get some plaid cell phone cases for #teamplaidskirt??

Those are my top picks from and I encourage you to share in my love of monogramming everything you can get your hands on.  I just had an exam today and thus begins my spring break.  With every exam, you know my FAVORITE monogram is.....

(I don't actually own this, and it is not carried on the MarleyLilly website, but how funny would it be if I actually did own it?)

Moral of the story: monogram everything you own and it's one less #catholicgirlproblem

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