Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bless Me, Father, For I have Sinned: Spring Break 2012

So I guess I am going to start blogging every week with a series of "Bless me Father for I have sinned" regarding stuff I got myself into, yet I may or may not feel bad about it. The first installment is about my spring break in New Orleans!

So let me be upfront in saying that this trip was for business/school, and it was merely shenanigans between meetings. I'm pretty sure I slept about 12 hours the entire trip and sat through the majority of my meetings with sunglasses on (totally professional).

I am incredibly wordy, so if you want to actually read this, be my guest. If not scroll fast for pictures

Day 1: Flight from Richmond, VA to Atlanta delayed about 15 minutes--this wouldn't be an issue if not for the fact that our layover was 40 minutes--and then we took our sweet time on the tarmac and I had to haul ass from terminal B to terminal E in about 12 minutes, where we then found out that our flight was delayed (gee, thanks for telling us, unnamed airline) to NOLA. We then boarded the plane and then as soon as we sat down, there were mechanical issues and we all had to get off (time to drink). I was seated in row 33, right next to the engines. It was not until I landed that I found out that I had been upgraded to first class--AND NO ONE TOLD ME! Landed in New Orleans, and seriously went straight to bed, and everyone else went to Bourbon Street to get "huge ass beers" (I'm getting old)

Day 2: Opening session of the American Pharmacists Association-Academy of Student Pharmacists. We debated and voted on some stuff. Our school received a grant to continue our work with the homeless population in town. Go Us. For lunch, I had a crawfish po'boy...It was ok I guess. Nothing to write home about. I love these professional meetings because of the exposition--free drug company pens! Those are always the best pens! Later that evening, we my professional fraternity had a reception, so we went there and met up with other chapters. On the way back to the hotel, we stopped by the River Walk again and had a daquiri from Fat Tuesday's--TO GO CUPS! Had dinner at a non-tourist place, but delicious none the less due to a special house cocktail. Then off we went to Bourbon Street (where we then ran into our teacher and his partner in the Gorner--the gay corner) and came home really late (with respect to our early meeting the next day).
crawfish po boy from the River Walk
All of my Drug Company pens and free stuff!

Fat Tuesday To go!

Day 3: More meetings and voting on more policies ensued in the morning. That evening, we had dinner with the Deans (because we are fancy like that). APhA-ASP social at Beach on Bourbon and Bourbon Cowboy (teachers doing test tube shots), throwing up in cabs, being charged a ridiculous amount for aforementioned vomit, and meeting up with an old friend made for an excellent evening. This was also the night I got a triple whiskey sour and did my famous "BITCH I'M CATHOLIC" tirade. Sorry, not sorry.

Day 4: Last day of the Conference, so we did some elections (at 8am, no less) at the first session.  It was such a rough morning....seriously.  I sat through the meeting with sunglasses on again, with a box of cheerios, and a juice box.  It was probably the most miserable I have ever been.  Then again, I went to bed at 4:30 AM and the alarm went off at 5.  For our lunch break, we went to Mother's, where I would finally get some authentic Cajun food (been depressingly missing the past few days). We returned for the Awards Gala, where our school did win some awards.  Then we were off to the closing social at Generations Hall, which is this really nice banquet-y place.  No idea how to describe it, but it was very nice and well-put together.  Once again, amazing food! Afterwards, we decided to round out our trip with a night at Harrah's a casino, where I actually made like $130 on penny slots--it was awesome, and worth it, as I ended up spending most of it the next day when I did some last minute sight seeing!

Day 5: LAST DAY in New Orleans! Woke up bright and early so I could get my sightseeing done.  First stop was a no-brainer, Cafe du Monde, which totally lived up the the hype.  I have had the beignet mix for years, but it is nothing like the original! We then continued down the French Market and got some tourist-y things.  I am originally from DC, so I usually do not get to partake in little tourist-like behavior.  We decided to take a stroll around the French Quarter back to our hotel instead of taking a cab.  We randomly "ran into" the St. Louis Cathedral, which was gorgeous.  The picture is below and I'm thinking that everyone who goes there for Ash Wednesday must have been rocking one killer hangover.  And then, total nerd moment, we found A Pharmacy Museum! It was a good day and I was sad to head to the airport
Iced coffee from Cafe du Monde on a warmly sunny day
Inside St. Louis Cathedral
New Orleans Pharmacy Museum!

My trip to New Orleans was amazing. Since it ended on a Tuesday, I spent the remainder of the week with my family in DC, where I did not do tourist-like things. It has been over a week since I have been back and I feel like I still need to catch up on decent sleep. I have about 6 more weeks of school left and will need all the energy I have left to make it through.

What did you do for your spring break?

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