Thursday, February 23, 2012

AwSHome Wednesday Recap

Hope you all went to mass yesterday! I went to a noon mass at my normal parish, which is in a downtown business area and normally has about 20 people on Sundays.  Since yesterday was a weekday and people went during their lunch hour, there were about 200 people there and it was a mess! I liked it though, because the priest there is awesome.  AND he made my cross look like a heart.  My friend, however, did get a look from the cafeteria lady with a "girl do you know you got something on yo' face?"

I call Ash Wednesday Awesome Wednesday because it is the one day a year where I can easily spot all the practicing Catholic boys.  My church, being in a business district, was filled with young men in suits with proper jobs. It was amazing.  The pickings at mass were very varied.  I was a huge fan. 

Gathering from what I have been tweeted the past two weeks, Here are the top 5 things given up for Lent:
1) Twitter or Facebook (somehow this doesn't make sense as we had over 500 new followers in the past day!)
2) Alcohol
3) Sweets
4) Junk food
5) Shopping
For those of you who don't think that you can make it, there is always the favorite Catholic loophole, where these promises can be put aside on feast days and Sundays--This means St. Patrick's Day, for you alcohol-giver-uppers!

I myself am giving up updating my facebook status (had a few close moments yesterday!) and being a hoarder, which is why I am having 40 days of giveaways. 

Speaking of giveaways, the winner of our Ash Wednesday Contest is....

Alison G! Please email to claim your prize!

So yesterday was a pretty busy day and I wasn't able to blog much in class, but I will be posting some fish recipes on Thursday nights or Friday mornings so yall can just mix it up beyond the cheese pizza or McDonalds/Wendys fish sandwiches (yuck!).  I know a lot of you will be giving up carbs, so these are actually fish recipes I use from the paleo diet (carb/gluten/dairy free)  

That's it for the time being--Please come back on Fridays for fish recipes and Catholic Girl musings.  And don't forget to follow our 40 days of giveaways! (delayed today, I apologize!)

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