Tuesday, February 21, 2012

40 Days of Giveaways

So, for my previous post about Lent, I had failed to remember that I am a hoarder.  It's pretty bad.  When you are a grad student, retail therapy is a daily occurrence, leading to the accumulation of a LOT of things.  Eventually I found myself buying things just to have it.  I am moving out of my apartment in August, and would really like to reduce the amount of junk I have to move. 

That is where you, my lovely followers, come into play.  I will be tidying up my apartment for lent, and for 40 days, I will be giving away some of my crap! Now, very very very few of these will be Catholic-related, but who doesn't like free stuff?? And it will be a collection of the most random stuff ON EARTH (bracelets, headbands, candles, whatever I have managed to accumulate over the past 2 years). 

Here is how it is going to work: Every day at 11:30 AM EST, I will post a picture of that day's prize and a scavenger hunt goal.  The first person to tweet me a picture of that item, will win that prize, I will DM you, and get your address and such. It's SUPER easy! The tweet will look like this:

"#40DOG (link to picture) first person to tweet me a picture of (item=goal) wins this prize!"
The item can be ANYTHING! I will try not to be too specific, and nothing that will make you a creeper, but it is supposed to be fun for EVERYONE!

PLEASE MAKE NOTE: if you twitter is set to PRIVATE, and I am not following you, I CANNOT see if you retweet me and you will be excluded from the contest.  PLEASE either set your twitter to public, or Email us at catholicgrlprob@gmail.com to request us to follow you (apparently you can't DM a person that doesn't follow you? if you can, give that a try too!)

And if you don't like this, Quit your bitching and get over it.  No one is asking you to participate and no one is asking you to be here. 

DO NOT FORGET ABOUT THE ASH WEDNESDAY CONTEST TOMORROW! Come back for details tomorrow and to enter the contest--that one must be entered on the blog, not through twitter.

Love yall, and if you don't know what you are giving up for Lent, I suggest your dignity!

Love, CGP xoxo

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