Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Can't Wear My Uniform to Church?

So, I know Christmas has come and gone, but that doesn't mean you get to slack off when it comes to dressing your best to go to Mass. Show those homely girls from grade school that what they really need to pray for in 2012 is a sense of style. Of course, you don't want them (or their pathetic mothers) to be gossiping about your short hemlines, so here's a little inspiration.

When Mass is a Must

1. If it's the right cut and length, a sweater dress can be both flattering and modest. I really like the bow detail on this Milly one, and it's gray, which means you can have a little fun with the tights and accessories.

2. FACT: You can wear a brighter color pair of tights without looking like you just came from a rave. I like this teal pair, because it's a pop of color, but not too bright that you'll blind people. Basic black opaque is classic, and if you're feeling like it may look a little too Halloween-ish with that orange J.Crew dress, gray opaque tights are a great option.

3. Maybe it's the uniform section of my grade school handbook that was implanted in my brain that makes me think this, but I feel as though jewelry shouldn't be too crazy at church. I love the thin Kate Spade enamel bangles, and layering one or two with a more chain-like bracelet makes it fun, but more subtle than your regular bracelet stack. Kate Spade also makes great studs that give your outfit a little extra oomph without the annoying jingle that comes with dangling earrings. When it comes to wearing chains, I like Miraculous Medals more than crosses. This one just happens to be a stock image, but I've had mine since I was baptized.

4. Ladies, I know we've all tried wearing those gorgeous four-inch Pour La Victoire pumps to Mass, and that at some point between the standing, sitting and kneeling, we were ready to start shouting obscenities. Flats are great, but they don't always work with everything (especially if you're going to try that maxi skirt trend, which isn't my thing, but more power to you if you can pull it off without looking like a Duggar). The heels I've added to this set are Cole Haan and have those Nike Air soles, which means you'll get that lift you need without the pain. The booties are also Cole Haan, though I'm not sure if they also have the Nike Air soles.

5. Make sure you bring a nice bag to Mass. So many women have ruined beautiful outfits by using their ratty old purse that has clearly seen better days. If you feel uncomfortable leaving your bag during Communion, I think a cross body is a better option, or at least something that has handles that can go over your shoulder.

Another #CatholicGirlProblem Solved!


  1. I need those Cole Haan heels!! I am all about comfort and I can't believe I didn't know they existed. Thanks!

  2. I tagged you in my post!