Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Peace Be With You!

Welcome welcome welcome, twitter followers! I would first like to thank you all by helping our page get to 1000+ followers!
So this one post is probably just going to be a rough intro and how these things will normally go. Now, we cannot promise a daily post. We are truly sorry, but one of us is currently in a doctorate program, and can only have a few modes of procrastination. The rest of us are real adults with real jobs. Also, there is more than one of us? YES MA'AM! The original founders of CatholicGrlProb are a group of friends who all grew up going to the same Catholic school. The person writing this post is the one who updates twitter a bunch due to lack of a real job and severe boredom in class. You will hear from the rest of us when they are not too busy making the money, honey.

We would also like to maintain the mysterious persona that is a parody twitter account. Sure, I have given enough hints about where we are from, what school I personally went to, but that's about it. Don't get mad if I randomly blur my own face if I ever post a picture on this site.

Also, the point of this blog is for longer rants. Particularly about plaid skirts and douche bags wearing rosaries as necklaces. In fact, there will be SEVERAL rants on those two subjects. In addition, our opinions are our own. We are entitled to our opinion. They do not reflect the opinions of our Catholic Schools, or our parents, or the Pope, or the Vatican. They are ours, from our point of view. Don't like it? Don't read it. Sorry bout your luck. Most of the time, these rants are meant to be offensive, but in good taste. If something we say is factually incorrect, we will accept that, correct ourselves, and give you credit. We reserve the right to delete asinine, idiotic comments. Sorry. This blog is not regulated by the United States Constitution. Freedom of speech my ass. Try talking like that to a nun, and let me know how that goes.

These are problems that a Catholic Girl would face. Please let me know if I am out of line and going off tangent. HOWEVER. There is a movie being filmed across the street from my apartment, so I will post celebrity sightings. Actually, I will post whatever the hell I want, but just nudge me in the ribs or something if I go like consistently without Catholic reference.

Lastly, have fun reading this. I know that if someone else had already written a blog like this, I would sit in class and read it if my professors were boring as crap. Hey, I might have even added this to my normal daily subscriptions of blog rolls. This is to be taken lightly. Let's not forget that this blog is a lovechild from a parody twitter account with Ms. Britney Spears' photo as the avatar. If you are going to take this seriously, we're going to have to ask that you take your business elsewhere.

We hope that you enjoy reading this and that you also understand the pains of #catholicgirlproblems

As this was just an introduction and ground rules, expect a real post really soon!

You may now go in peace.

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